Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

3.1 CAPTION : Two days later
3.1 Savita in a white towel in front of the mirror. Thinking “Now what should I wear for the interview?”
3.2 Savita taking off the towel, one of her boobs uncovered with a little of her body. Thinking “I’ll wear that blue sari with my low cut blouse” — ” If I want this job, I better look my best”
3.3 Scene of Savitas reflection in the mirror, don’t show Savita herself. She is bending over with her back towards the mirror and putting on a pair of black panties.
3.4 Front scene of Savita putting on her black normal bra facing the mirror. She can see Manoj(servant boy) in the doorway in the mirror. Savita says “Ah Manoj, good you here.” — “Can you please hook this bra from the back”
3.5 Savita completely dressed looking at herself in the mirror. Manoj looking at her and saying “Bhabhiji, you look very nice today.” — “You are sure to get the job.”