Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 31

savita bhabhi

31.1 View of a conference room, both women are now dressed. Shalini has bent over a table, and Savita is spraying pain killer spray to her waist . Savita “It must have hurt like hell”
31.2 Close up of Shalini’s ‘s face, is twitched and her eyes closed tightly “Yesssssssss, I think I must go and take another shot tonight”
31.3 View of the conference room , Savita and Shalini are both standing and facing each other. Shalini “You did very well today, but Big boss is naughtier dear!”. Shalini has one eye closed naughtily.
31.4 View of both of them getting closer, thier lips almost touching, staring at each other. Savita “Thanks very much Shalini, you helped me in need”. Shalini “It was all my pleasure, dear”